§ 18 years in the IT industry

§ Business Analyst 

§ Information / Software Architect

§ IBM e-Business Solution Advisor, Lotus Domino CLP

§ ASCO 2231-13 Systems designer

§ WebSphere Portal (v7-8) , Web Content Management and Connections specialist

§ Knowledge Management, Groupware, Messaging, User Identity & profiling , Mobile computing

§ Lotus Domino specialist (v7-v8) – Process Worklows

§ Strong oral and written communication skills


Main Roles and Responsibilities

Portal Specialist and Business Analyst

I am a passionate senior Portal consultant and Business Analyst who is always in search to design better solutions that improve efficiency and provide added value and satisfaction to end-users. I have always succeeded in that mission and have the satisfaction to see some solutions built 8 years ago or more  still being used. I am passionate about knowledge management as a transversal practice that satisfies my motivation in approaching all aspects of a given business solution.  

In my 18 year experience I have worked in very different environments that always required improving efficiency, accuracy and knowledge sharing in business processes.

Experience as Senior Portal Consultant and Business Analyst:

·            Experience in various industries from Edition/Publishing to Insurance and Finance, French Luxury brands and building equipment (France).

·            Experience with retail, commercial and government agencies (Australia).

·            Ongoing consultancy for LPI NSW since 2006, helping business users shaping their requirements, understanding their business and fitting it into the growing SOA architecture and web service catalogue.

·            Designing large scale web applications, Intranet and Extranets, for specific business purposes – ad hoc functionality, integrated to the legacy back-ends.

·            Managing a few Portal upgrade projects (version 6, 6.1, 7) in a multi-tiered environment with portal clusters, web service clusters, SOA.

·            Managing a Portal theme redesign and upgrade in Portal 7 to enable iWidgets and Web 2.0  experience.

·            Introduced and documented automated script deployment for portlets, ears, themes and pages, for consistent deployments across passive/active clusters in Dev, Qa and Production.

·            Web Content Management training to Stakeholders; Best practices consulting

·            Team leading Portlet and portal developers around “portlet factory” reusability and features  to ensure full use of the functionality and improve development lifecycle.

·            Producing user manuals, procedures, setup guides, pre-sales presentations, RFQ and RFQ responses, business cases etc…

·            Documenting technical specifications and designing innovative and scalable solutions in a portal environment: page parameters, portlet wiring, personalisation, member manager, visibility rules, portlet configuration.

·            Collecting and documenting business requirements for business initiatives to rationalise master data, improve customer service and increase online sales.

·            In charge of collecting user requirements in the marketing department of AXA Investment Managers Paris. Defining the business requirements to improve expertise and information sharing through Business Intranet Applications, including access to a Corporate Directory, to financial tools, benchmarks, customer information and marketing tools.

·            Responsible for the design of the streamlining of the administration tools, for the Intranet Publishing facilities, as well as for user access management. Mock-up of user screens and mapping the business needs.

·            Proof reading and complementing technical documents, quality control.


Knowledge Management Consultant, systems, tools and experience:

The strategies usually put in place to implement knowledge management solutions have been:

·             Define the business goals and the expected business value (ROI in dollars where possible) and document in a business case business case to support the strategy.

·             Identify and quantity process improvements and added value in knowledge capture (tacit). Facilitate the strategy with a Social Business platform (at best).

·             Plan challenges ahead and implement a change management plan. The outcome has to highlight how it will improve everyone's job and processes, for a better and earlier adoption.

·             Use a Pilot approach, to start small and increment with user adoption. To select "champion" users to drive the pilot and gather/provide feedback (which was ahead of agile 12 years ago). 

·             Implement monitoring and analytics to report on “social trends”, tags, usage, activity in the production environment – then measure success and adoption.

KM Systems and tools

·         Atlassian Confluence: Conceptual knowledge of the product but no hands-on experience.

·         IBM Lotus Domino: groupware, document management system, decision support, approval workflows, task management, executive reporting. 15 year experience in solution design and implementation - identity and profiling, personalisation, content...

·         IBM Portal: identity management and profiling, personalisation, content rendering and application aggregation through profiling and tagging. Application design and integration in SOA environment, portal architecture and taxonomy, administration – 8 year experience.

·         IBM Connections: social business software covering all aspects of knowledge sharing within an organisation - not only file sharing, tagging and commenting. Communities of interest manage group activities and deadlines, organise and facilitate tasks through knowledge and document sharing. Includes the standard two ways communication tools such as wikis, blogs, forums, bookmarks, status updates, file sharing and online editing, private messaging, profile finder, content editing tools, tag and keywords search, likes and comments, feed subscriptions etc… 3 year experience

·         MS Sharepoint: collaborative platform used to provide a simple access to SAP Customer Master data in a master data consolidation project where the system users can collaborate to improve the data quality –  “Merlin” project at LPI, from business case to delivery and application design.


Integration & Testing Manager – WebSphere Portal v6-v7-v8

·            Design Portal navigation and access control: fine grain access to pages and upper navigation levels, access control on portlet and pages. 130 services grouped in 15 categories.

·            Portlet building and deployment; XML access script to build set of pages automatically with appropriate access control and page parameters.

·            Identity and profile management: Designed access control in LDAP for 5,000 users and 130 services. Prepared LDIF format and file generation for the user directory cut-over (relational database to LDAP directory).

·            Designed and implemented user Member Manager attributes for personalisation of content and portal profiling.


Application development – Mobile Business Solutions

·            Defined Mobile projects scope and task management in budget and time.

·            Design & Development of two Sales Force Automation applications combined with CRM. Implemented and organised the remote deployment of two applications and mobile mail with push functionality.

·            60 mobile users across 7 states including technicians, sales representatives and samplers.

·            Mobile application to manage documents created in the field and replicated to the central server (bluetooth, gprs and vpn). Over 6,000 customer replicated on the PDA with a per state segregation.

·            Domino workflow linked to SAP for Master data creation and financial documents posting.


Project Management – Java projects / Websphere Appserver v5

·            Responsible for the follow-up of the Web business unit and Project Management at Groupe Envergure.

·            Liaison with the internal clients and coordinated the user meetings for the Web steering committee. Involved in the “AS/400” steering committee for data mapping and EDI maintenance.  Liaised with suppliers and review of providers for outsourced services (web hosting, ISP/Telco, web agencies…)

·            Project Manager for Carrefour SA. Responsible for the architecture and application design, scope definition and time estimates, account management and reporting to stakeholders.

·            Designed the architecture of the “Invoices in Litigation” workflow for Carrefour SA, using mixed technologies such as Domino 5, Websphere 4 and Oracle 8i. This workflow is already deployed in Czech Republic and in Poland. Later in Turkey, Greece, Beijing and some countries in South America.

Project and Account Management – Lotus Domino and Websphere line of business

·            In charge of several customer accounts from January 2000 to September 2003: Project scoping, planning, resource management, budget and time control.

·            Consulting services on LDAP architectures, Intranet implementations, Domino Administration (R5, R4), trainings.

·            Involved in pre-sales missions and presentations of the Websphere line of business for Brainsoft SA. Participating in seminars and presentations.

·            Designed and developed several corporate and business applications, based on lightweight client and Lotus Notes clients.

·            Support contract with Lotus France during one year for “Intercommunity”. Responsible for the architecture on a Domino hosted platform and knowledge transfer with the Lotus “Domino Instant Host” team in Boston, MA. Project brief : Online communities sharing white and yellow pages, having online application purchase facilities, community management, hosted on a farm of servers at France Telecom.

·            Designed and developed an online catalogue for a major European Caterpillar reseller (Bergerat Monnoyeur) to sell their used equipment and maintenance services. The catalogue is fed by AS400 data and digital photos of the used machines. The sales force can access the catalogue on the intranet whereas internet customers can browse public sections of the catalogue. Also responsible for the hosting platform at UUNet France.


Spatial Information Exchange – Consultant / BA

Business analysis, Requirements gathering, Functional specifications, Application design, Mentoring, Testing Manager, Quality Assurance


LPI Online Shop – Book Store, Map Store

May 2010 – Present                                                  Land and Property Information NSW (LPI)

I have promoted and enabled the use of collaboration tools such as Wiki and Blogs to improve the business’s delivery of content to customers as well as promoting new ways to gather “soft “ knowledge and deliver valuable information to professional and casual clients – as a replacement for static content managed by the IT teams.

Web Content Specialist, designing and developing WCM Templates for the publishing of product related content for the Online shop as well as Testing Manager, scheduling, tracking and reporting of testing, testing results and issue resolution. Integration of the e-commerce framework and modules delivered previously. Between the launch of the “LPI Online Shop” and present I have managed the design and release of new areas of the Online Shop to expand the product offering.

Customer liaison, stakeholder management and mentoring


Project EPIC – Electronic Product Information Catalogue

May 2011 – August 2012                                         Land and Property Information NSW (LPI)

Designed the solution based on Websphere Portal and Web Content Management for the application front-end of EPIC including the workflow. The application is targeted at internal staff to manage product lifecycle  (from SAP back-end to the web catalogue) and the publishing of the corresponding updated data, via a secured workflow; at external customers to provide a discovery tool for LPI products and eventually the electronic procurement via web services.



SIX 2 SAP – Bridging Portal and SAP master data

July 2009 – Feb 2010                                                NSW Land and Property Management Authority

Project Management of the design and development and delivery of the integration between the user contact details in the SIX Portal, SAP Customer Master Data and Contacts information and the Merlin Application. The aim was to consolidate various customer information sources to facilitate the maintenance and access to customer data, to all LPI staff.


SIX Portal Upgrades

July 2009 – Feb 2010 / Sept 2010 – Feb 2011    NSW Land and Property Management Authority

Project Management of the Technical Upgrade of the SIX Portal under the IBM Websphere Portal platform, migrating to new virtualised servers and upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1 of the IBM Portal product. Then upgrade to Portal 7.


E-commerce enablement

Aug 2008 – June 2009                                             NSW Department of Lands

Business investigation and solution requirements to introduce an online payment solution into the SIX Portal. The solution is made of several reusable components that leverage the SOA infrastructure while remaining open for integration with any merchant application (existing and future).

Delivery of the e-commerce components, fully integrated to SAP SD, with Westpac payment gateway and self-registration tools.


WebSphere Portal integration, set up and testing

May 2007 – March 2008                                          NSW Department of Lands

Migration of the Spatial Information Exchange (SIX) Portal to a new technical platform (WebSphere). Leveraging Lands Services by translating to Web Services on the SOA platform, and making these services available through user profiling and ad-hoc user management tools. Migrate 5,000 users to the new environment (LDAP, Oracle, Websphere Portal) and migrated the monolithic PHP application server to 120 Portlets  in 6 monhts.


Design and implementation of the Customer Contact Database

September 2006 – February 2007                        NSW Department of Lands

Designed and delivered Customer Contact Database implemented on a collaboration platform (Sharepoint) interfacing to SAP, as a single source of truth. The client application is serving the complete SAP Customer Master through a search webservice, relying on the SOA backbone. The Sharepoint application integrates emailing and newsletter features as well as mailing list management.

User training to Lands Staff, stakeholder management and liaison.


Business Investigation Report & Business Case

June 2005 – April 2006                                            NSW Department of Lands

Interviews and investigation report conducted for a Customer Contact Database implementation for streamlining and rationalisation of Contact management across multiple business units using SAP Customer Master. Produced the Investigation Report and Business Case to support the future Project (application development).


Mobile business solution – Application design

Wireless Sales Force Automation

December 2004 – June 2005                                Redbull Australia

Major Energy drinks manufacturer operating all over Australia. Sales representatives equipped with Pocket PC phones and on-line/off-line application. Reportings are available in real time on a web front-end – Monthly 300 visits per technician for a total of 4,000 customers.


SFA and CRM combined application

October 2003 – Present                                          WELLA Australia (Procter & Gamble)

Number 2 in Asia pacific – 60 sales representatives and senior technicians – Yearly 400 courses are organised in Australia and New Zealand for 8000 active customers.

Designed the mobile (windows pocket-PC) and the back-office applications. I am still supporting the application for 40 users across AU-NZ.


Websphere e-business platform – Business Analysist and Team Leader

Web Projects – On line hotel booking

January 2003 – Sept  2003                                      Groupe Envergure (Hospitality)

Number 2 in Europe, behind “Accor” Group, with 900 hotels – Monthly Online bookings : 5000 –2001

Turn over: 81 M €


Business Analyst

Intranet Portal for Investment Products

September 2002 – January 2003                         AXA Investment Managers - Paris

2001 Turn over : 50 B € - Manpower : 70 - Subscribers at the end of 2002 : 2 M


Websphere / Domino / Webservices  – Team leader, BA and PM

Business Application Design and development. Web workflow application in a multi-user environment, including authentication facilities and access management by profiles.


October 2001 – September 2003                        Carrefour SA (Major retailer)

2002 turnover: 3 B € -- Countries installed: Czech Republic, Poland and China


April 1998 - February 2002                                     Bergerat Monnoyeur

Responsible for the development team, the architecture design and the project deliverables.

Online Catalogue and business portal – Used machines catalogue : 2000 items – Monthly visitors : 2 M


Architect and Development coordinator – Domino / Java

September 1998 – December 1999                   Lotus France - Paris

Intercommunity Project – Collaborative platform with online application purchase and sharing through the community hub.


LDAP Directory and Portal Specialist – Project Manager

June 1999 - March 2000                                         McDonald’s France - Paris

“Mac4you” corporate intranet and business extranet connecting franchisees and suppliers.

2001 turnover : 84 M € - Manpower : 1000


Domino Specialist (4.1 to 5) – Systems Engineer

April 1997 - June 1999                                             Several commercial Customers

Application design and development on web technologies as well as Notes client. Mail and Application Server Migration projects. Consulting services on administration tasks and best practices (Domino 4.5, 5). Administration and development custom trainings for up to 50 users.